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Silence by Galactusworldeater Silence :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 1 0 Space Magic to you by Galactusworldeater Space Magic to you :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 0 1
What are they?
They aren't blue, he said suddenly.
Well of course not, she replied, why would you think they were?
Well, traditionally German blood would give me blue eyes.
I don't recall you giving a shit about tradition.
My brother had blue eyes though, most of our class did.
Why are you so interested in the color blue?
Blue used to be your favorite color.
So? Things change, so did I.
But why'd you go for me?
You were a deeper blue, like a lake just freezing over.
You were crisp and solid and serene in all the ways I wasn't.
You had just enough depth to support me, but I could still break you.

You were blue too, like the sky before a tropical storm.
Only calm when you were about to burst, only silent when you had to rage.
You left a pretty decent path of destruction in your wake as well.
She chuckled at this, but found the color to be ill fitting.
Her face grew a bit melancholy as she turned back to him.
I found you in the woods; painting the hazel bark
:icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 0 4
Laying down on the job by Galactusworldeater Laying down on the job :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 3 4 Hope lies below by Galactusworldeater Hope lies below :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 4 4 The Fires that Bind by Galactusworldeater The Fires that Bind :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 2 7 The Last Failbender by Galactusworldeater The Last Failbender :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 33 50 Of Bone and Thorn by Galactusworldeater Of Bone and Thorn :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 14 19 PixelBit Sunrise by Galactusworldeater PixelBit Sunrise :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 2 4 Welcome to Wasteland by Galactusworldeater Welcome to Wasteland :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 38 19 The Future is NOW by Galactusworldeater The Future is NOW :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 7 30 The Clockwork of the Soul by Galactusworldeater The Clockwork of the Soul :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 16 25
This Glass Shield
I shift position to look again
Cold metal is what supports me
As I watch the silent destruction
Of all that once supported a friend
The bask of blue light
Washes over my pale skin
A connection in a sea of data
I trace it back to where it all began
She had seemed to love him
At least in each picture shown
And I know he always loved her
For she was the only love he'd known
I feared that this was coming
I saw it in the past
By the subtle failures
By the glances cast
I know nothing of what she went through
I know not of her reasons why
Maybe the new world was too cruel to her
In a world where anyone can die
Maybe the training destroyed her
Or maybe it made something new
Someone that longed for something more
Someone who no longer knew what to do
Or maybe it was something else
The worst cliche realized
Distance weakened her resolve
Till she met another's eyes
Multiple reasons could be applied
But it no longer matters for she soon became
One of multiple lives and lies
An actress caught in a
:icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 1 2
Merry Christmas Everyone
Twas the night before Christmas
And Im sitting here at home
My brothers are off playing
while I sit and read a tome
Besides me sit some gifts
And all of them rule
Star Wars, T-shirts, and a rubiks cube
The camera is especially cool
Christmas tunes are playing
Pandora on the pc
While the lights are flickering
On our little tree
All these things are great
(Did I mention free Reeses?)
But let us not forget
Happy Birthday Jesus!
:icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 0 1
Halo Reach by Galactusworldeater Halo Reach :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 687 425 I am but a man in a mask by Galactusworldeater I am but a man in a mask :icongalactusworldeater:Galactusworldeater 2 5
New isn't always best! Go check out my gallery to see my past works as well.

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Well its been about another year since I've updated, college is difficult at best and I'm struggling to find time for art and fun.
At least I'm uploading some photos now, ha.  Anyway hello to anyone and everyone who stops by.

Ok now its time for weird things!
A couple of weeks ago my backpack and all my hw disappeared from my room.  This was on the day before April fools, so I half expected it to be some terribly thought out prank.
I ended up missing classes because I couldn't submit any of my material and I didn't have my books.  I searched the campus for 5 hours before finding it in a box between two filing cabinets in the back of the information office.

How it got there, I have no idea.
Also the people working there hadn't noticed it, didn't know where it came from or how long it had been there.
As far as I can tell everything was in there, its just really weird since no one claimed it as a prank and my backpack had been seen in my room the night before.

Oh well, at least its back ^__^

Also, Ryan if you have any more housing questions feel free to ask  because we need to make sure the roommate thing works out so we can make awesome movies.
  • Listening to: The Suburbs, Arcade Fire
  • Reading: Textbooks of programmiing evil!
  • Watching: Trigun
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Planets. I am Galactus after all ^__^
  • Drinking: Oceans


Galactus Schroeder
United States
Wheels in the sky keep on turning
Fires on the Earth keep on burning
But what I find the most concerning
Mankind is living but never learning

Current Residence: Sault Saint Marie, Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Christian Rock, Normal Rock, Classic Rock, Techno, Classical, 8bit, and anything else purely amazing
Favourite style of art: Mass Media Digital Collage
MP3 player of choice: Amazing ones that work, and can make pie
Favourite cartoon character: Samurai Jack, Zim, Flapjack, Charlie the Unicorn, Zeke, Man in the Hat, Gaara, Phil, Paul and Kyra
Personal Quote: The world is far more complex than you realize, your ignorance causes saddness.

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